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Sisig Hooray's Original best pork sisig meal is bursting with pork chunks that are marinated, boiled and deep fried to golden brown then chopped and drenched in a savory special sauce for a juicy yet crispy texture and taste.

If you are craving for the best sisig in the country, the freshly cooked, and affordable pork sisig in town is served by Sisig Hooray.

Sisig is one of the best pork recipe in the Philippines, making Sisig Hooray's pork sisig as the best sisig in the Philippines.

Sisig Hooray takes pride in creating the right blend of crunchy, spice-rich, savory, and affordable pork sisig, that will make you come back for more.

The Filipino pork sisig is at the core of the Filipino cuisine, which brings Sisig Hooray in the forefront of sisig recipes in the Philippines.

Sisig Hooray doesn't limit itself in producing only the best sisig in the Philippines, other sisig variants such chicken sisig, bangus sisig, pusit sisig, and smokey steak sisig, are created equally savory, and affordable.
To experience the best sisig in the Philippines visit Sisig Hooray store in major malls, or call them at (02) 400-6032 for franchise.
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Our Company

The First and the Original Freshly Prepared Sisig began in 2005 when seasoned caterer and certified foodie Immanuel D. Balce was inspired to innovate the Pinoy’s favorite pulutan, sisig and turn it into a dish served with rice. Starting with a humble stall at Ever Gotesco Ortigas, Sisig Hooray! soon became a crowd favorite and exceptionally long lines started to form around the booth. It seems everyone was a sisig fan which was not really surprising since Balce spent years trying to come up with the secret recipe aside from having extensive knowledge in regional and international cuisine. What’s more, the trained crews’ chopping technique is a performance worth watching while waiting for one’s order. Everything is prepared right before one’s very eyes that makes one crave even more. Today, Sisig Hooray has become a recognizable food chain with 51 branches all over Metro Manila. The company continues to seek more places to bring the goodness of Sisig Hooray.

Our Special Menu

  • Kasilog Pork

    Kasilog Pork

  • Kasilog Chicken

    Kasilog Chicken

  • Kasilog Bangus

    Kasilog Bangus

  • Kasilog Squid

    Kasilog Squid

  • Kasilog Smokey Steak

    Kasilog Smokey Steak