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Sisig Hooray's Original best pork sisig meal is bursting with pork chunks that are marinated, boiled and deep fried to golden brown then chopped and drenched in a savory special sauce for a juicy yet crispy texture and taste.

If you are craving for the best sisig in the country, the freshly cooked, and affordable pork sisig in town is served by Sisig Hooray.

Sisig is one of the best pork recipe in the Philippines, making Sisig Hooray's pork sisig as the best sisig in the Philippines.

Sisig Hooray takes pride in creating the right blend of crunchy, spice-rich, savory, and affordable pork sisig, that will make you come back for more.

The Filipino pork sisig is at the core of the Filipino cuisine, which brings Sisig Hooray in the forefront of sisig recipes in the Philippines.

Sisig Hooray doesn't limit itself in producing only the best sisig in the Philippines, other sisig variants such chicken sisig, bangus sisig, pusit sisig, and smokey steak sisig, are created equally savory, and affordable.
To experience the best sisig in the Philippines visit Sisig Hooray store in major malls, or call them at (02) 400-6032 for franchise.
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    The First and the Original Freshly Prepared Sisig

About Sisig Hooray

Sisig Hooray, the first and original purveyor of freshly prepared sisig in the country, opened in 2005. Borne out of seasoned caterer and passionate food enthusiast Immanuel D. Balce’s idea to innovate the popular pulutan, Sisig Hooray became the first to offer sisig with a side of rice. After perfecting a recipe that is now signature to the brand, Balce opened his first stall in Ever Gotesco Ortigas  a small cart made out of palochina wood, whose menu was printed on cardboard. What the store lacked in display, it made up for in excellent-tasting meals and splendid customer service. Apart from the delectable meals, Sisig Hooray became known for its friendly staff and the rhythmic way they prepare the food offerings. The fresh take in preparing sisig soon became a crowd favorite. To date, Sisig Hooray continues to serve the best sisig in over 50 locations in Metro Manila and nearby provinces MISSION To provide excellent and great-tasting food products at prices that are easy on the pocket To foster a harmonious relationship with our customers by ensuring that our service is delightful To create a working environment where one can feel a sense of pride in  a place where teamwork, excellence and friendship are top priorities To build and uphold our reputation as the most trusted sisig manufacturer and seller in the country VISION To be the premiere provider of superior, delectable sisig products and outstanding customer service in the Philippines as well as in other countries